Rowland W. Folensbee III

I am a music industry professional and songwriter living in Nashville, TN. For nearly a decade I have lived in both Nashville and Austin, TX working in artist management, radio promotion, music licensing and publishing. Much of this work has been done in the Country, Rock, Pop and Hip-Hop genres, although I have worked with music of nearly every kind. Additionally, I am also the Associate Director of Licensing for Real Life Music/Tough Daddy Publishing and the Lead Artist Marketing Representative for the Artist Development Network. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Music Business from Belmont University.

My goal in establishing this company was simple - I want for both of us to be as successful as possible. Nashville has so many talented artists that simply lack the resources they need to be more successful on both a local and a national stage. If you have any other questions, please feel free to shoot an email my way. I'm always happy to hear from musicians across the globe.

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