The majority our day-to-day work is selling music licenses to music supervisors and film production companies producing upcoming media. We connect our catalog of songs with music supervisors and music libraries around the world, giving them the perfect audio content for their projects. These supervisors and companies choose songs we represent and place them in television shows, commercials, major motion pictures, video games, corporate videos, and other media.


Seth Rogen's "Observe and Report"; Lena Headey's "Thumper"; ABC TV Movie "Christmas Bounty", Independent film "As Luck"; TV shows including "Empire", "Glee", "Blood & Oil", "Hemlock Grove", "House of Lies", "Stalker", "BrainDead", "Dangerous Game", "Outlaw Country", "Twisted", "Remodeled", "Plain Jane", "HitRECord on TV", "Single Ladies" "Rush", and "Hart of Dixie"; TV & Internet commercials for companies including "Pantene Pro V" and "Backside 5"; iKick501 promotional demos.

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